«Cleanse the country from the Russians!» In Latvia suffered another acute attack of Russophobia

© Sputnik / Sergey Melanoptera in fotobanka stand in line at the Russian Consulate office in Riga, Latvia«Cleanse the country from the Russians!» In Latvia suffered another acute attack of Russophobia© Sputnik / Sergey Melanospila the image Bank

. Russian-speaking inhabitants of Latvia again in plain text pointed to the spot. Spoiler: not honorable. Journalists, politicians, cultural figures like competing with each other in Russophobic statements. You can say anything, after all, such tricks always go unpunished. As in the Baltic republics at the state level is actually encouraged hatred of the Russian — in the material RIA Novosti.

The latest incident of this kind is associated with the Mara Crotale, 40 years worked as a news announcer on state of the Latvian radio. It Crondale is considered in the Republic of the standard Latvian is correct: at the time she voiced announcements on public transport of Riga. The former radio host was known as a man intelligent. So many unpleasant impression left by her recently in the social network tweet. Crotale called to completely clear Latvia of ethnic Russian. However, she cited a historical example where in 1939-1940 of the Baltic countries had repatriated to Germany Ostsee (Baltic) Germans. In total from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, then left 75 thousand people.

«We got rid of the Baltic Germans. Why the same can’t be free and from Russian? I understand that now I will eat for racism or Nazism, but still?», asked Crotale. However, some members protested by not calling for ethnic cleansing, and the fact that Crotale likened the Russians to the Germans. «The Germans, in the end, were and are cultural people who do not behave like fleas. But Russian — parasites, which swarm there, where you least expect them», — commented on the record some LīgLberga.

The fact that the mention of lice — this is a direct reference to the high-profile scandal last year. In may 2017 the Deputy of Parliament from the right-wing National Association Edwin Schnoor has published an article, stating the following: «As told at the time Minister of public Affairs Alfred Berzins (from the pre-war government of Karlis Ulmanis. — Approx. ed.) if one day to let the Russian louse in the fur coat, to take it away would be difficult. Indeed, we see that arrived during Soviet times, Russian-speaking, though constantly scoff at Latvia, of the country not leave. At least not in such numbers, as the Latvians would have wanted».

Attempts to attract Schnoor to criminal liability for incitement of ethnic hatred was not successful. The security police received many statements from outraged residents of Latvia have decided that the statement of the Deputy is not a crime. The only punishment was a verbal reprimand from the Commission of the diet on mandates, ethics and statements. Time can be a parliamentarian — and others.

But back to the tweet Crotale. Underneath has turned this discussion in the comments came a member of the European Parliament, the candidate for Prime Minister of Latvia Artis Pabriks. «I think you «eat» rather ignorance of history. If Latvia were still living Baltic Germans, we would live in a better country,» briefly commented the politician. The bottom line: a contender for the post of Prime Minister does not bother Crotale used «hate speech», he just regrets the expulsion of the Germans, and about the Russian, it turns out, agrees with the position of the former speaker.

Then, in July, the Latvian male choir Vilki («Wolves») tweeted congratulations to be held at the time of the national holidays: «Today, the all-Latvian 26th song Festival and the 16th Celebration of dance! Holiday week when the Latvian Riga is again clear. Let’s all work together to keep it clean always!» The post responded to the journalist Elita veidemane: «I am Afraid that Riga after the Holiday songs back on the old rails and no Komsomolskaya beach celebrating Midsummer (the summer solstice festival which is widely celebrated in the capital. — Approx. ed.) will not be able to do Riga Latvian».

The sixth of October in Latvia held parliamentary elections. The majority of the electorate among the minorities voted for the opposition party «Consent» and «Russian Union of Latvia». The Deputy of the city Council of Riga from the New conservative party writer Eva Martuza commented on Twitter the results of the election campaign: «Let’s be consistent — the election was contested by only two parties. Latvian — it received 80 percent of the vote, respect the Constitution and are willing to work for Latvia. Second, intratissue, received 19 percent of the vote. This party with all of my heart hate Latvia wants her dead and wants to erase all Latvian from the face of the earth.» That is Russian again actually equated to a «subversive element».

© Sputnik / Sergey Melanoptera in fotomonster to the polling station for the parliamentary elections in Latvia«Cleanse the country from the Russians!» In Latvia suffered another acute attack of Russophobia© Sputnik / Sergey Melanoptera in fotomonster to the polling station for the parliamentary elections in Latvia

All nationalists, whose statements given above have not suffered any punishment. At the same time, only in the last 10 months the Latvian special services have disturbed many members of the Russian community: journalist Yuri Alexeev, social activist Alexander Gaponenko, political activists Vladimir Linderman, Eugene Kryukov, day Karaeva, Ilya Kozyrev and others. For someone it was limited to a conversation with the investigator of the security police, others had to go through searches and spend some time behind bars. So, Linderman was held in detention for two weeks, Gaponenko four months. Representatives of the opposition movement blamed «anti-state» remarks at rallies and meetings in support of the schools of national minorities. The conclusion: «democracy» and «freedom of speech» — concept in Latvia purely ethnic. Why else would «own» anything, and «other» — anything?