In Irkutsk save abandoned lion who died of starvation

© Photo : Kennel K-9 Irkutskgeologiya Leo left the owner in a private house in the village of Smolensk region, Irkutsk regionIn Irkutsk save abandoned lion who died of starvation© Photo : Kennel K-9 Irkutsk

Weakened by hunger the lion, which threw the host, save in the nursery of Irkutsk, the owner of the beast the police, told RIA Novosti the representative of the interior Ministry in the Irkutsk region.

Dying from the hunger of a lion, which the owner threw in a suburb of Irkutsk, on the guarded territory, on 1 November, the nursery was moved to a warm enclosure.

«The message that Lev is contained in inadequate conditions and have nothing to feed, came to the police from the guard of the private sector in the suburbs of Irkutsk. He said that the owner went away and left him to guard the area where in one of the buildings contains a lion. Feed the beast Keeper was nothing. An exhausted lion was taken to the nursery To-9. Police checks, setting the owner of the animal and its location,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to the administrator of the nursery K-9, Leo is quarantined. He was very thin, and the beast fed on a special schedule small portions of meat.

«The lion was contained in a warm box, his health is watching the vet,» — said RIA Novosti administrator K-9.

He noted that in the nursery for several years, lives a lioness who was taken from a touring menagerie in the circus. The lioness also had to be rescued from death when she fell ill and could not continue the tour, the employees of the circus wanted to euthanize the animal.