In Maykop the student has paid the debts of volunteers to rescue a kitten

© Flickr / endbradleyКотенок. Archival photoIn Maykop the student has paid the debts of volunteers to rescue a kitten© Flickr / endbradley

Studenka from Maikop (Republic of Adygea) paid the debt the animal shelter to the clinic in the amount of 340 thousand rubles. This was written by the volunteers of community «the Homeless animals of Maykop» in Instagram.

It is reported that the girl, who wished not to disclose his name, asked to take to the shelter found a kitten. When she replied that it was impossible because of the large debt to a veterinary clinic, and she agreed to pay the necessary amounts to 340 thousand rubles.

«Shock, shock, shock… Friends, we still can’t get over a good way… For almost 6 years of existence our group, a kind of magic, like a couple of days ago, happened the first time. <…> We wanted you all saw the face of the Guardian angel of our group, which just saved us,» he told the volunteers.

They added that thanks to the good deed girls they once again have the opportunity to help animals.


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Publication of the Homeless animals of Maykop (@dog_maikop) 29 Oct 2018 1:44 PDT


The act of women were appreciated by the users of the Network.

«Shed a few tears. At heart it became much easier from the idea that this world is not doomed,» wrote vasiliybundziak.

«This is a wonderful example of how people spent money on entertainment, but for a noble cause. It’s a matter of respect and admiration for a beautiful soul and a good deed!» — added marinesko.mar.