In the USA unknown broke into the accounts of democratic Senator in social networks

© AP Photo / Jacquelyn MartinЗдание of the United States Capitol. Archival photoIn the USA unknown broke into the accounts of democratic Senator in social networks© AP Photo / Jacquelyn Martin

Unknown a few days before the midterm elections in the us Congress hacked social media accounts belonging to the Senator-Democrat Joe Mancino, said office policy.

Elections to the Congress will be held November 6. Will be fully re-elected house of representatives (435 members) and approximately one third of the Senate (35 of the 100 members). The Manchin, former Governor of West Virginia, the second time is going to be re-elected to the Senate from that state.

«Today (Thursday – ed.) Senator Joe Manchin notified that his social media accounts related to official position, was hacked. Their security is already restored,» — said in a statement quoted by the Washington Times.

The publication notes that the hacking of accounts has become known for a few hours before a key debate with the participation of Mancini and his Challenger, Republican Patrick Morrisey. While Manchin is leading by a considerable margin. However, the media reported that the President himself Donald trump is hoping to help his Republican opponent, relying on his popularity in the state.

Elections will be held in the US on 6 November. They are called intermediate because it is held in the middle of the term of the current President. Will be re-elected all 435 members of the house of representatives, 35 of 100 senators, and governors of 39 States and territories. In the Senate the Republicans retain the advantage of 1 vote and intend to fight to keep control. The Republicans have the advantage in the Senate election. Of the 35 Senate seats facing re-election, only 8 are occupied by Republicans, the rest Democrats. Thus, Democrats should at least not lose any of their seats and win at least two seats occupied by Republicans.