In the Voronezh region may receive a cluster of agricultural processing

© RIA Novosti / Alexey Casinomorongo area. Archival photoIn the Voronezh region may receive a cluster of agricultural processing© RIA Novosti / Alexey Sazonov

Authorities in Voronezh region consider the issue of creating in the region of the cluster for processing agricultural products, said Friday the regional government.

Processing of agricultural products, particularly grain, has become the main theme of the meeting, which the Governor of the Voronezh region Alexander Gusev, held in Anninsky area. As explained by the participants of the meeting Deputy Chairman of the government of area Victor Logvinov, today the share of processing industry is 10% in the gross regional product (GRP) of the Voronezh region and 30% in the structure of the regional industry, the report said.

The industry mainly use local raw materials (from 40% to 98%), however, all collected on the territory of the region of wheat only 12% is recycled in the Voronezh region. From the harvest of barley in the region is 12.6%, and corn is only 5.5%. According to Logvinov, flour mills downloaded an average of 40%, cereals – a little more than 20%, and the main reason for such performance in older hardware and, as a consequence, the lack of competitiveness of finished products.

«From the region exported 1.5 million tons of grain annually, plus or minus 10%, but in the millions consistently. This is the reserve that would help us through deep processing, the additional cost of the process to leave the region. Plus this is a complex technology, i.e., high-paying jobs. I think that is the main strategic question we have to decide,» said Gusev, quoted the regional government.

According to the press service of the regional government, the meeting addressed the prospect of establishing in the region of the cluster for processing agricultural products. According to the press service, all the preconditions for this are: resource base, scientific and human capacity, the willingness of regional authorities to support investors and develop the industry. In the budget of the Voronezh region for the year 2019 of the mortgaged 770 million rubles to support deep processing of agricultural products, especially plant products. Developed a draft program «the Development of food and processing industry of the Voronezh region».

The Governor gave the order to carry out the coordination and, if necessary, adjustments to the program in the near future to the end of the year the project was approved.

«In 2020 it is expected to launch a similar program at the Federal level, and hope that by that time shall work on the nuances of interaction that will enable effective use of budget money in the industry and get the result in the form of newly constructed facilities for deep processing of grain», — said the head of the region.

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