In Uglich check reports of beatings of prisoners in the colony

© Photo : Investigative Committee of the Russian federalassembly the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. Archive photoIn Uglich check reports of beatings of prisoners in the colony© Photo : Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation

The investigating authorities will check the media information about beatings of convicts in the colony №3 of Uglich, Yaroslavl region, told RIA Novosti the official representative of the SU TFR in the region Christina Gusovsky.

On Thursday, the Fund «Public verdict» was announced on the official page on the social network Facebook that in a colony №3 of Uglich beaten four convicted. The beating occurred in 2016-2018. Lawyers said that in the near future will appeal to the investigating authorities to verify the information and the grounds for excitation of criminal cases.

Gusovsky said that while the Fund has not received any representations on this occasion. «Started preliminary examination on the media reports about the beatings of prisoners of a colony №3 of Uglich. The audit will be a procedural decision», — said the Agency interlocutor.

On the website of the Yaroslavl regional Prosecutor’s office reported that the Supervisory authority is also the beginning of testing described in the media of facts. In the case of violations will be taken comprehensive measures of prosecutorial response, prosecutors said.

The Commissioner for human rights in the Yaroslavl region Sergey Baburkin told RIA Novosti that had not previously received complaints from prisoners Uglich colony, but was left there. «I received information, which is now subjected to inspection. Including materials I have sent to competent authorities for verification by them. Today I again come to the colony in Uglich and will continue to work on this issue», — said the Ombudsman.

According to him, the information he got must be carefully checked. «In particular, according to the convict, who said that his 24 Oct beat information served (Fund «Public verdict» — ed.) very locally, without context. But the situation there is more complex. He admitted to me that he tried in the punishment cell to smuggle prohibited items and was detained by the staff of the institution, which became his watch,» — said Baburkin.

He noted that prison staff, suspecting that the convicted person has a telephone, very carefully inspected. «Obviously, in the course of inspection were used, and physical strength. But to what extent, in what forms, under what circumstances is to be tested,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

In July «the New newspaper» published submitted by the Foundation «Public verdict» video beating a prisoner Evgeniya Makarova in the Yaroslavl colony No. 1. According to her, the incident occurred in June 2017. The Federal penitentiary service later confirmed the time and place of events recorded in the video. Criminal case about excess of powers of office, all members of the stage set. After the scandal, the FSIN has organized around the country the special Commission to review all cases of violence in the colonies. According to the Foundation, «heroes» video were 18 members of the colony. Fourteen of them charged, they are taken into custody.

In late August, «the New newspaper» on its website published a video of the beating of prisoners made in the penal colony №1. Criminal case upon excess of powers of office with application of physical violence and special means. Video, as well as a record of beating Makarova, has extended the Fund «Public verdict». It is established that on 29 November 2016 in IK-1 UFSIN of Russia across Yaroslavl region has passed a custodial activities during which employees UFSIN beat prisoners with hands, feet and rubber truncheons. In this case arrested two employees of a colony №8.

Makarov was not present during the beating of convicts in November 2016, but both criminal cases are United in one production and it is one of the victims. In the courts for the arrest of the accused was the name of the second victim — Nikolaev. Later the lawyer of the Fund «Public verdict» Irina Biryukova has told RIA Novosti that in business there were two more victims, their names — Tarnowski and Gukasyan.