Media have predicted the rise in price of drugs from 2019

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krauledat in photobacteria medicine at the pharmacy. Archival photoMedia have predicted the rise in price of drugs from 2019© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krajevima the image Bank

In Russia, the 2019 can appreciate medicines on average by ten percent, write «news» referring to the Pharmacy Guild, market participants and experts.

It is noted that the increase in prices, particularly of imported drugs, due to the appreciation of the currency. At the same time domestic manufacturers also intend to increase prices due to the use of foreign components in the production and «other factors».

But experts stress that if the ruble in the next month will be able to strengthen its positions, the increase in prices for domestic products will be avoided.

In addition, domestic products can rise in price and due to new costs for the manufacturer on the labeling, designed to remove the counterfeit from pharmacies.

Experts also note that the price of medicines can be influenced by the VAT increase to 20 percent, despite the fact that the tax change on the medications themselves are not covered. The impact of VAT due to the provision of transport services, electricity and other.

However, higher prices can ignore the drugs, which are included in the list of vitally necessary and important — about 700 medicines from the most common diseases. Experts argue that the state in the near future will not allow to change the prices of such drugs.