Owed half a billion dollars the Russians escaped to Israel, the media are writing

© AFP 2018 / Ahmad GharabliИзраильский flag. Archival photoOwed half a billion dollars the Russians escaped to Israel, the media are writing© 2018 AFP / Ahmad Gharabli

Russian owes creditors $ 500 million and fled to Israel, writes Haaretz.

It is noted that the immigrant, which the Israeli newspaper calls by Igor Mobilenow, was the owner of the jewelry chain, is named in the article as «Asuka», and several duty free shops in airports in Moscow, Sochi and Novosibirsk. He moved to Israel in 2017 after declaring bankruptcy in Russia, got citizenship under the law of return and changed his name to Yitzhak Mabelane.

According to the newspaper, the Russian owes Sberbank 267 million dollars. The Bank tried to recognize Abellanosa bankrupt in Israel. Two weeks ago the court rejected the claim of the savings Bank, led to the refusal by the fact that the Bank had to submit a request for recognition of the decision of the Russian court.

In its lawsuit, Sberbank said that the immigrant was owed 15 billion rubles in Russia, but he used his religion to evade their obligations. The Bank allegedly was able to find the fugitive only after hiring a private investigator. At the moment Mobilenow living in his own house in Rishon-LeZion.

He Mobilenow, according to the publication, says that his business ran into difficulties after the introduction of Western countries anti-Russian sanctions. Also, the immigrant stated that he was not hiding from Sberbank, as «don’t owe him a debt listed his companies,» and immigrated to Israel because of religious reasons and the alleged growth of anti-Semitism in Russia.