Putin: voice of Russia in the future will sound decent and self-confident

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The voice of Russia in the future will sound decent and self-confident, this is determined by the history of the country, said Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at a meeting of the world Russian people’s Council.

«But one thing not in doubt, the voice of Russia in the future world will sound decent and self-confident. This is predetermined and our tradition, our inner spiritual culture, identity and, finally, the history of our country as a distinctive civilization is unique but not arrogant and hamovato applying for their uniqueness,» said Putin, stressing that «it is impossible to imagine human history without the same unique civilizations as India, China, Western Europe, America, and many others.»

«It is, indeed, multifaceted complexity, each face of which complements and enriches each other,» added the President.

Putin also recalled the words of the outstanding Russian thinker of the NINETEENTH century Nikolai Danilevsky that «no civilization can be proud of the fact that it represented the highest point of development».

«Today, the understanding of such complexity and development of civilizations is the fundamental basis for a multipolar world, to uphold the principles of international law, and the weight of influence of the poles of development, of course, primarily to determine their economic, scientific, cultural, spiritual and human-based potential», — said the head of the Russian state.