Russia will simplify the procedure for lifting restrictions to travel abroad

© Fotolia / Brian Ascommunity with suitcases at the airport. Archival photoRussia will simplify the procedure for lifting restrictions to travel abroad© Fotolia / Brian Jackson

The head of the Federal bailiff service (FSSP) of Russia Dmitry Aristov did not rule out that in the short term period removing restrictions on travel abroad will be more reduced, until it directly at the airport after the payment.

According to him, now to remove the restriction on travel abroad, after the person pays the debt, takes 1-2 days. Therefore, the service recommends that the time before the trip to test themselves on the availability of debt in the data Bank of Executive proceedings on the website of the Federal bailiff service.

«Many people ask if a person was stopped at the border due to the presence of debt, is it possible to remove the restriction at the airport. Unfortunately, a technological possibility that has not yet been possible. However, work on the immediate lifting of the restriction on payment will continue,» said Aristov on TV channel «Russia 24».

The head of service explained that in the process of removing limitations involves not only the bailiffs. «A lot of participants in the process. Now, we are working on a process for a rapid transmission in electronic form of information as an overlay in electronic form restrictions on travel, and on his removal. I think in the short term, this term will be reduced,» added Aristov.