Russian counter-sanctions have exposed the government of Ukraine, Tymoshenko said

© RIA Novosti / Stringreplace in fotomancer of the faction Batkivshchyna Yulia Tymoshenko. Archival photoRussian counter-sanctions have exposed the government of Ukraine, Tymoshenko said© RIA Novosti / Stringreplace the image Bank

The list of Russia’s counter-sanctions has exposed the corrupt government of Ukraine, including its President, Petro Poroshenko, said the leader of the party «Fatherland» Yulia Tymoshenko on Friday on a press-conferences in Lviv.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a government resolution on measures to implement the presidential decree «On application of special economic measures in connection with the unfriendly actions of Ukraine in relation to citizens and legal entities of the Russian Federation». The decree provides, in particular, blocking of non-cash, securities and property of individuals and legal entities in the Russian Federation, as well as the prohibition on withdrawal of capital from Russia. Tymoshenko under specter, and Poroshenko is no.

«This dirty strategy of the President, which suggests that he had a patriot, the only Saviour of Ukraine, and the rest — «the hand of the Kremlin», destroyed. Company Roshen and everything connected with them, were not included in the list, and those who came in, is that there are clear names, clear what made them. It is all put political circumstances in its place», — said Tymoshenko.

Tymoshenko noted that she has «nothing to be afraid of sanctions»: «I Have no other things besides the peace in Ukraine». According to the leader of the party, the Ukrainians should carefully review these circumstances and make conclusions, «where there is political technology to prevent the possibility of revival of Ukraine, where deeply corrupt heads of state.»

The next presidential and parliamentary elections will be held in Ukraine in spring and autumn 2019. The current President Poroshenko, is not yet officially declared his intention to run for a second term. The leader of presidential rating has a few months left Tymoshenko, who has previously stated its intention to participate in the presidential race.

In Ukraine, many politicians started campaigning ahead of the elections, despite the fact that officially the electoral race has not yet begun. By estimations of analysts, the most active agitation leads Tymoshenko, who promises to submit a «new course» for the country. While many politicians from the party «Block of Petro Poroshenko» called Tymoshenko’s Pro-Russian candidate and directly accuse her desire to resume cooperation with the Russian Federation.

Russia took the decision to impose countersanctions in response to Kiev’s actions. In particular, in may this year the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko enacted the decision of national security Council and defense of Ukraine, which expanded sanctions against Russian legal and physical persons, and also extended the restrictive measures imposed in previous years.

Russian counter-sanctions have exposed the government of Ukraine, Tymoshenko said© Vitaly Adviceplease on the sorrows