US may soften stance on sanctions against Iran, media reported

© AP Photo / J. David Aceved at the Capitol building in Washington. Archival photoUS may soften stance on sanctions against Iran, media reported© AP Photo / J. David Ake

The us administration under pressure from the European allies may soften its position against Iran that will allow him to avoid the key economic sanctions, according to the publication the Washington Free Beacon, citing sources in the U.S. government.

In particular, senior state Department officials persuaded the head of the office of Mike Pompeo to allow Iran to remain in the international settlement system SWIFT. In addition, it is reported that the White house will leave some countries, such as China, South Korea and India, the ability to buy Iranian oil. According to the newspaper, the easing of sanctions lobbying the EU who do not want to abandon business ties with Iran.

The intention of the US to make concessions caused resentment among congressmen and members of the US administration who support a tough stance towards Iran, according to the material.

According to sources, a number of meetings, which will be discussed concessions to Iran, will be held in Washington in the coming days.

The President of the United States Donald trump announced in may that Washington is out of agreement with Iran on its nuclear program. He also reported the return of all sanctions against Iran including secondary, that is, against other countries doing business with Iran.

Once again, the U.S. has enacted on August 7 some of the sanctions against Iran. The more significant sanctions that would cover oil exports, are expected on 5 November. Washington has said it aims to bring Iranian oil exports down to zero and urged its customers to abandon such purchases.

US may soften stance on sanctions against Iran, media reported© RIA Novosti, Infographicsrussia against Iran