Dagestan became the winner in three Federal projects education development

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Resoloved the city of Makhachkala. Archival photoDagestan became the winner in three Federal projects education development© RIA Novosti / Sergei Rasulov

Dagestan will receive subsidies from the Federal budget for implementation of the national project «Education» in 2019, according to the regional Ministry of education.

«For the development of a regional system of education has identified six priority areas in the selection for the implementation of the three Federal projects, we managed to win.This will significantly improve the material-technical condition of rural schools, to bring the process of development of supplementary education in the Republic to a new level», — the press service of the Ministry.

In the selection for subsidies in the framework of the Federal project «Digital educational environment» won the project of the equipment of the children’s center IT-art «IT-cube». Here students will be taught programming, mobile application development, system administration, big data. In addition to Dagestan, these IT centres will be set up in 16 regions of the country.

The second project «Modern school»provides for the improvement of material-technical base of rural schools, as well as updating the content of educational programs on the subjects of «Technology», «mathematics» and «Informatics». In Dagestan it will be implemented in six rural educational institutions.

Another project is the winner of «the Success of every child»provides for the establishment of a regional model center of additional education of children. The project implementation will allow to provide 80% of the Dagestan children aged 5 to 18 years of quality General education programs by 2025. The peculiarity of this project lies in personalized financing. Funds for training will be provided to each child based on their chosen educational program.

According to the acting Minister of information, communications and mass communications of Dagestan Sergey Snegirev, the Republican government began to pay more attention to interagency coordination in the field of digitalization and it started to bring first results.

«The project «it-cube», developed by us, was supported by colleagues from the national Ministry of education, for which they thank you. Education is the Foundation, without which the modern development of Dagestan and the digital economy. That is the task set for us by the head of the Republic Vladimir Vasiliev. We are pleased that the region appears not only the center of children’s creativity of it «it cube» and «Yandex.High school», presentation of which will take place in November this year,» said Snegirev.