Deported to Germany ex-Nazi paly can avoid punishment, media reported

© AFP 2018 / Thomas Kienzle German police. Archival photoDeported to Germany ex-Nazi paly can avoid punishment, media reported© 2018 AFP / Thomas Kienzle

The former warden of a Nazi concentration camp Jacob paly, who in August was deported from USA to Germany, you may avoid criminal penalty, according to the magazine Spiegel, citing the Prosecutor’s decision.

«Checks all information related to the identity of the accused clarified (Germany — ed.) or received in connection with his deportation to Germany, did not give either legal or factual reason to resume the criminal case», — quotes the edition a quote from the statement of the Prosecutor’s office.

According to the publication, earlier in 2016 the Prosecutor’s office of würzburg (Bavaria) has stopped criminal case concerning the pallium. It is noted that while the Prosecutor’s decision was met with dissatisfaction, particularly by the Central Council of Jews in Germany.

Jacob paly, is a native of the Ukraine, immigrated to the United States in 1949 and obtained citizenship in 1957, concealing their Nazi past, said in a statement the Ministry of justice. It is noted that he lied to the authorities that until 1944 he worked on the farm of his father in his native city, and then at the German factory. In 2000-e years it became known that during the war he served in the armed guards of the Nazi concentration camp Trawniki in Poland and is responsible for the mass murder of 6 million Jewish men, women and children on 3 November 1943.

Federal judge of the United States in 2003, withdrew the citizenship of the pallium, and a year later a warrant was issued for his deportation. In 2005, the appeal of the pallium to the court was rejected.