In Petersburg the festival of light show «Luminous moon» and shows drones

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Danceparty in photobacteria watch a multimedia show on the festival of lights at the Palace square in St. Petersburg. Archival photoIn Petersburg the festival of light show «Luminous moon» and shows drones© RIA Novosti / Alexei Danceparty the image Bank

Autumn lights festival in St. Petersburg will dedicate space, digital technologies and the future. Festival guests will be able to see the installation «Glowing moon» and «Giant rabbits», as well as large-scale show drones.

The light festival will be held in St. Petersburg from 3 to 5 November. This year it will be used for Playground SKK «Petersburg», where the main action will unfold festival of light, as well as part of the Moscow Victory Park.

«The festival will be presented a multimedia program in 3D light and laser show with the participation of more than 100… quality quadcopters For transmission of the light image on the facade of the CCM, in front of the complex will be built stage set, which was specially constructed for the festival in St. Petersburg», — noted the organizers.

«Installation «Glowing orbs», «Giant rabbits» and talking faces on the trees look spectacular in the dark – «scattered» over a large area, they transport the viewers to fantastic scenes from «Alice in Wonderland» with the Cheshire Cat and the White Rabbit», — stated in the message.

Also festival guests can wander through the «mystical forest» with figures of animals, photographed in the alley of the 500 glowing lanterns, mounted specially for the festival.

In the historical part of the Park will be presented to the media the «memory Zone» – the object under the open sky with miniature lamps, referring to the events of the Second world war.

The Petersburgers and guests of the city will be able to see on the bypass channel (in front of the Planetarium No. 1) a giant glowing moon. It weighs more than 1.5 tons, diameter — 6.2 meters. To fix such a massive structure on the water surface, used special ropes that the moon is attached to the mooring rings. Look at the moon can all attend, it’s best to do it with Ruzovskaya, and churches bridges.

Also for the first time in the festival of light at the site of the Planetarium No. 1 and Capella «Tauris» will be to attend lectures, workshops and a hackathon.

According to the Chairman of city Committee on tourism development Eugene Pankiewicz, the festival of light claims the title of one of the business cards of St. Petersburg.

«We develop all kinds of tourism, including tourism. In the galaxy of events, the festival of light stands out as the most popular among Russian and foreign tourists coming to St. Petersburg», — he said.

It is expected that the autumn festival of lights in St. Petersburg will be attended by over 100 thousand spectators.