«It was revenge two years»: who ordered the murder of a family of the businessman Zeynalov

© Photo : SU TFR in Saint Peterburgskoj Tyutin«It was revenge two years»: who ordered the murder of a family of the businessman Zeynalov© Photo : SU TFR in St. Petersburg

The brutal murder of a family of the Petersburg businessman Dmitry Zeynalov committed 13 years ago, shocked the whole country. The victims were Dmitry, his pregnant wife and two minor children. In search of the murderers threw the best investigators and employees of the criminal investigation, but the suspects were able to establish only in October of this year. About the motives of violence and how went to the customer — in the material RIA Novosti.

Four dead

In mid-August 2005, the financial Director of a major St. Petersburg company «Trinity house-2» Dmitry Zeynalov, along with his family went to the cottage to celebrate the professional holiday — Builder’s Day. The day before he warned his subordinates that on Monday morning, not late for work because there is an important meeting. However, after a weekend in the office and has not appeared. Phone calls were not answered neither he nor his wife.

In the evening, concerned colleagues went to his dacha, and after an hour it worked reinforced investigatory-operative group. «The house found four corpses: a 38-year-old Dmitry, his pregnant wife Tatiana, 11-year-old son Alyosha and 15-year-old daughter Sasha, says RIA Novosti, the investigator for particularly important cases of the first investigative division of the first Department on investigation of especially important issues of GSU SKR across St.-Petersburg, the captain of justice Konstantin Green. — The girl became the first victim her killer hacked to death in the bath. Then he went into a house and shot the rest of the family, while the boy’s body is also counted multiple chopped wounds».

The handwriting was clear that working professionals, forensic not found at the scene of substantial evidence. But in the attic of the neighboring houses found the so-called maturation of the killer, who a few hours stalking future victims.

Field investigators have put forward two main versions of what happened: the robbery and the conflict in business. The first was considered a priority, because the house was a mess. However, a more careful examination, it became clear that the robbery was merely a simulation. Therefore, investigators have focused on developing commercial relations Zeynalov.

This summer, the police asked the man, who admitted that a friend had suggested him to become a killer. The customer was already known to field investigators of Department on disclosing of custom-made murders of 58-year-old Alexander Tyutin.

According to investigators, someone else’s hands, he planned to get rid of the niece ex-wife, which could not divide the inheritance. The police decided to help the merchant and sent to his employee under cover. The negotiations dragged on for a month. Tyutin wanted to see firsthand how the murderer dismembering his girlfriend. Only after much persuasion, he abandoned the idea, but demanded that he was brought dead. The investigators knew that the businessman was able to control the movement of «killer», so he really tracked the «victim». The scene with the kidnapping also seemed quite real, and soon, the mercenary reported on the done work: demonstrated to the customer the body of the deceased lying in the car.

Exactly two years Tyutin got the idea for this was looking for the killer. In the end to go on the «wet» case agreed his subordinate — 27-year-old Alexander Zotov, a member of the first Chechen campaign. He desperately needed the money and without hesitation accepted the offer. According to investigators, the murder of a family he received ten thousand dollars and immediately went to Stavropol. There he was detained. Interestingly, since the crime 13 years, he has managed to do the time. Also for murder.

«Tyutin tried to cheat and said that he wanted to kill only the head of the family. However, tactically these investigations Tyutin and Zotov pushed their heads on confrontation, during which they «load» each other in full. Then the businessman confessed that he desired the death of the whole family — says the investigator. — It might be in his character. By nature Tyutin — man fisted and vindictive.»

© Photo : SU TFR in Saint Peterburgskoj Zotov on investigative experiment «It was revenge two years»: who ordered the murder of a family of the businessman Zeynalov© Photo : SU TFR in Saint Peterburgskoj Zotov on investigative experiment

According to investigators, the interrogation of the two detainees have not expressed the slightest remorse. Except for the Protocol, hoping to alleviate the guilt. Now the investigation of high-profile cases initiated under article «Murder of two and more persons» and «preparation for murder on hiring», is gaining momentum. In the case of a conviction of a prospective customer and are likely to be life imprisonment.