Kozak ruled out the introduction of state regulation of fuel prices

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Seasonofpeace in fotoreceptorilor petrol station. Archival photoKozak ruled out the introduction of state regulation of fuel prices© RIA Novosti / Alexei Seasonofpeace the image Bank

To introduce state regulation of fuel prices is now impossible, said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak in interview to TV program «Vesti on Saturday».

According to him, such «we have already passed».

«For 30 years I have developed a market, such a market structure it would be impossible to introduce state regulation. Or we again, through this regulation will lose the network of petrol stations, which ensures the availability of motor fuel for citizens primarily, or will the deficit», — said Kozak.

However, he noted that the government has all the tools and resources to curb the level of fuel prices within the inflation rate.

«This is what we agreed, oil companies agreed with this overnight,» he added.

Agreement on prices

On the evening of 31 October Kozak held a meeting in which the Ministry of energy, FAS, oil companies and independent refineries agreed on measures to stabilize prices in the fuel market.

As noted by Deputy Prime Minister, the next day they reduced the prices of various fuels.

«The retail market responds to changes in the wholesale market, and a few days we will feel these changes,» he added.

Kozak also said that in the minutes of the meeting recorded the decision on joint and several liability of oil companies for the implementation of the agreement.

«There’s no other way. If someone «misbehaves», it is to the detriment of others», — concluded the Deputy Prime Minister.

Earlier in the week Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev noted the growth of prices for gasoline and mandated to hold consultations with the oil companies. However, he threatened to impose prohibitive export duties on oil and oil products, if the agreement on the freezing of domestic prices will not be achieved.