The contest «Leaders of Russia» will start stage remote selection

© RIA Novosti / Nina Notenbanker with symbols of the contest of Russia’s Leaders. Archival photoThe contest «Leaders of Russia» will start stage remote selection© RIA Novosti news Agency / Nina zotina

The second stage of the contest of managers «Leaders of Russia», which will estimate intellectual ability and General knowledge of candidates starts on 4 November, the press service of the Autonomous non-commercial organization «Russia — country of opportunities».

«First will be checked the skill level and General knowledge», — quotes the head of the competition «Leaders of Russia», General Director of ANO «Russian — the land of opportunity», Vice-rector Ranepa Alexey Komissarov’s press service.

The stage includes three sets of computer test, which will be assessed intellectual ability, General knowledge and management capacity of participants, the report says.

The first aptitude test will be available early next week, and the contestants will be able to pass the demo test. This year to tests on verbal and numerical abilities have added a test for abstract thinking, reports a press-service.

The second unit — General knowledge quiz about Russia, this unit has also been updated and now, in addition to knowledge of geography, history, culture, Economics and law, includes also the test on the Russian language, the report says.

«The last will be a test of management capacity. It is a comprehensive test that measures competencies associated with success in a new role or field of activity», — the press-service.

It is noted that for each of the three test blocks will be allotted two days within which the party may take them at any time. Aptitude tests will be available from 8.00 am on 5 November to 8.00 am on 7 November, tests of knowledge — from 8.00 am on 19 November to 8.00 am on 21 November, a test management capacity — from 8.00 am on 2 December to 8.00 am on 4 December. All of the tests the participants will undergo local time of the region of the Russian Federation from which they have been applied.

«I advise contestants to perform tasks on their own, after all who goes to head to the stage, waiting for follow-up testing» — reports the words of Komarov’s press service.

The contestants who showed the best results according to the results of the remote stage will be invited to head to the regional semifinals, which will be held in all Federal districts of the Russian Federation in January-February of 2019, the report said.

Contest managers «Leaders of Russia» is the flagship project for ANO «Russia — country of opportunities».