Ukrainian writer explained the love of compatriots to Russia

CC BY-SA 3.0 / Boris Mavlyutov / Monument to Alexander Pushkin in ZolochivUkrainian writer explained the love of compatriots to RussiaCC BY-SA 3.0 / Boris Mavlyutov /

Millions of Ukrainians continue to be good to Russia because of its cultural influence, says writer and publicist Andrii kokotiukha in a column for the newspaper «Novoye Vremya».

This is the conclusion Ukrainian writer came in reflecting on the results of a survey conducted by the Kiev international Institute of sociology. They showed that the amount of positively minded Ukrainians since February of this year has increased from 45 percent to 48 percent. While in Russia relate to Ukraine 33 percent of the population.

«At least ten million adults and children. Because it is to them already born in independent Ukraine, my grandmother, who grew up on the tales of Pushkin, continue to read them,» says Kokotyuha.

According to him, «strange love» for Russia rests on the Russian classics — Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Chekhov, and the Soviet movies on the TV channel «inter».

«No one gives a destructive positive emotions that grandchildren receive from affectionate grandmother of votes. Alternatives to tales of Pushkin as a required educational reading in the childhood of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians stubbornly won’t see until now,» added the writer.

In Ukraine constant calls to ban everything that is somehow related to Russia or Russian language. For example, in late October, the Zhytomyr regional Council decided to ban public use of «Russian-speaking cultural product» in the region. In September, the same decision was taken by the Council in Lviv region.

Despite the fact that the Ukrainian language since 1991 remains the only state in the country, most Newspapers still published in Russian. The share of Ukrainian-language broadcasts on radio and television increases only due to the quota.