Congress onf held in a new format of anticonference

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Russian popular front (onf) will hold the next Congress on 29 November in the new format of anticonference where the movement will discuss the control over execution of the may decree of President Vladimir Putin, said the press service of the onf.

Earlier the President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed the minutes of the meeting of the presidential Council for strategic development and national projects that took place on 24 October 2018. In this regard, Putin instructed the Russian popular front and «popular front «For Russia» to ensure the monitoring of the implementation of presidential decree «On the national goals and strategic objectives development of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2024» including in terms of the impact on quality of life of the citizens of the changes achieved in the implementation of national projects.

«The actions of the popular front for control over execution of national projects will be spelled out in the «road maps», which experts will present at the Congress of the popular front on November 29. It will be held in the new format of anticonference», — quotes the words of the head of the Executive Committee of the popular front Alexey Anisimov.

The format of anticonference is alive and free communication with the moderators of thematic areas without speakers and speeches in the debate.

Anisimov said that anticonference will discuss the formats and tools of public control over the execution of the may decree of the President of the Russian Federation for each of the 12 areas.

Russian President Vladimir Putin after his inauguration on 7 may new may signed a decree that determines the main directions of development of economy and social sphere until 2024. Among the objectives to achieve in this period is the improvement of a number of demographic indicators, occurrence of the Russian Federation among the five largest economies in the world, a halving in the level of poverty in the country, inflation will not exceed 4%.