«For those ugly balloons.» Incredible phobias — how to live with them

© Depositphotos / aetbИспуганная girl«For those ugly balloons.» Incredible phobias — how to live with them© Depositphotos / aetb

Each person has their nightmares. Many people are afraid of heights, darkness or confined spaces. Meet and specific fears: some trembling at the knees raise fish, others shaking at the sight of balloons, others are horrified by prints to polka dots. RIA Novosti talked to people who have a rare phobia.

«The worst — herring»

You will never find a 21-year-old Hope Fetisov in the fish Department of a supermarket or fishing. Rarely see her and the chef’s fish dishes. A couple of years ago, she couldn’t touch even a sprat: the girl’s childhood struggles with a fear of scaly — ichthyophobia.

«Fear appeared in infancy. Remember, the adults gave me a big old trout I am very scared. From the moment terribly afraid of any fish, sometimes shaking just from talking about these horrible creatures. Mom had felt the fear of chicken carcasses with potrasenoy head — apparently runs in the family. One day a young man friend and I started to discuss, what better fish, detail have gone through the types and techniques of fishing — so I fainted. More friends when I don’t run the risk to raise such «dangerous» topics,» says RIA Novosti Hope.

Other phobias she has no. «Once a friend sat on a bench, she is very afraid of dogs. I was surprised, and she asked me to imagine that it’s not a dog ran, and swam a great fish. From the moment we understood each other — we all have our fears,» she continues.

However, to explain to every stranger that you should not demonstrate to her cold-blooded, it is simply impossible. «Shopping is my risk. Of course, fish departments I’ve been avoiding. But certainly there is someone in the queue with the same package in which floundering half dead fish. If he is closer than me to the checkout, I just let a few people ahead to get away. But when the back is literally pressed into the front facing — people usually think my behaviour is rather strange,» — says the girl.

She is struggling with a phobia. «First, go to the psychologist asked me to draw a herring, then the goldfish, and something else. Then he confessed that neither he nor his colleagues had not experienced with this and nothing can help. Then I decided to meet the fears face to face: cooked my first fish fillet. To touch the scales, it was disgusting, and the smell is terrible. But I did — the taste turned out nothing. Then a couple more times fried, baked. However, still not mine — more is not prepared», — said the interlocutor.

At least partly to overcome the fear of scaly failed due to the long-awaited trip to the sea. «I went in September in Krasnodar Krai. When going, was very afraid of meeting with the local fauna, but the young man promised to support it for five years helps me to deal with the phobia. For almost a day, on arrival I wanted to jump into the sea and relax. Fear vanished: just went into the water — and nothing, she was in shock. Bathed the entire vacation, and the fish in the sea almost did not meet. After the trip, communication with the cold-blooded is much easier,» said Hope.

«Because they can burst»

It would seem, everyone loves balloons especially kids and girls. But not Valeria shevelyova: she passes them by, especially when the balls in the hands of children.

«They’re waving and they still can hurt, for example, a burning lamp, and sometimes eat on purpose! Do not think, I for many years engaged in the shooting, to the loud claps calmly… Only if it’s not about the foul balls,» says RIA Novosti Valery.

And he continues: «Even more important to understand why the fear develops into a chronic form. A certain role is played by personality characteristics. Besides most of the person avoids the object of his fears. The effect is paradoxical — he is becoming more afraid to meet him face to face.»

Hence the key to overcoming fear. «We need to find the basis and the dosage, but it regularly «to show»: to create a situation of fear and learn to cope with them, discussing emotions with a specialist. You can start with memories and working with the imagination, then go to «presentation» in virtual reality and so on. However, when the phobia is progressing rapidly and an increasing number of objects causing fear, it may be due to the fact that it pereplelis other psychological problems. Then you need to immediately consult a specialist,» advises Rasskazova.