In one of the restaurants of Stavropol caught fire

© Photo : EMERCOM in Stavropol territory the emergency workers during a fire in the city of Stavropol, street of the Soviet 16. November 4, 2018In one of the restaurants of Stavropol caught fire© Photo : EMERCOM in Stavropol region

Restaurant burns in Stavropol in the area of 150 square meters, evacuated 150 people from a nearby hotel, reports the GU Ministry of emergency situations of the Stavropol territory.

«On Sunday at 12.45 GMT on duty shift, it was reported that in Stavropol in the street Soviet, 16 occurred a fire. On arrival to the site it was found that smoke coming from under the roof of the restaurant «t-bone», attached to the hotel «Eurohotel», threat distribution in the houses there, the threat of structural collapse is not», — stated in the message.

As noted, the fire area is 150 square meters, according to preliminary data, victims and victims no.

«At a safe distance from the hotel evacuated 150 people,» — added in the message.