Passengers of the plane, sat down in Krasnoyarsk due to a crack, and flew to China

© Depositphotos / edmond77Девушка removes the hand Luggage compartment in the cabin. Archival photoPassengers of the plane, sat down in Krasnoyarsk due to a crack, and flew to China© Depositphotos / edmond77

Passengers of the plane from Novosibirsk, sat down in Krasnoyarsk due to a crack in the windshield, flew in the China reserve Board, told RIA Novosti in Krasnoyarsk airport.

On Sunday, the aircraft flight Novosibirsk-Sanya (China), landed at the Krasnoyarsk airport due to cracking of the outer layer of the windshield, which the pilots noticed during the flight. A few hours later the plane was forced to develop fuel for a safe landing. In the Krasnoyarsk airport said that the landing went as planned, no one was hurt. According to the revised data of the UK, on Board were 167 passengers and seven crew members. At the airport has previously noted that even before the landing of the airliner at the airport passengers are expected back aboard.

«Reserve Board already flew with passengers on Board to their destination,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

Earlier it was reported that the Krasnoyarsk investigatory Department on transport Western-the Siberian investigatory management on transport SK checks that the emergency landing of plane Boeing-737. The Ministry reported that the investigation team is now examining the scene.