The acting head of Transbaikalia has commented on the inclusion of the region in DFO

© RIA Novosti / Michael Clientgenerated in fotobanken acting in Zabaykalsky Krai Alexander Osipov. Archival photoThe acting head of Transbaikalia has commented on the inclusion of the region in DFO© RIA Novosti / Michael Clientgenerated the image Bank

The acting Governor of Transbaikalia Alexander Osipov glad a quick decision of the President on the transfer in Zabaykalsky Krai of the Siberian Federal district in the far East.

On Sunday it became known that Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the transfer of Buryatia and Zabaykalsky Krai of the Siberian Federal district the far Eastern Federal district. According to the document, the government was instructed within three months to bring their acts in compliance with this decree.

«At his meeting with the President I raised the issue of distribution in Transbaikalia all effective tools for the development of economy and social sphere, which work only in the far East. The priority development areas, free port, the construction of social infrastructure, provision of free far Eastern hectare. Now just happy with the quick decision of President», — told RIA Novosti Osipov

According to him, in areas with similar problems, so it will be fair that the residents of the Baikal region will receive the same privileges and benefits.

«Talked with Vladimir Putin, that it just needs to Transbaikalia. As the first Deputy Minister of this Ministry, I with these far Eastern preferences familiar. Led the development of many of them. Thanks to this decision of the President of the transbaikalians will be able to exercise the right of free acquisition of land, the so-called «far Eastern hectare». The region will receive more Federal subsidies for air travel. Incentives and preferences, we can create more good variety of jobs,» — said Osipov.

Now the main thing for Transbaikalia is the effective work of the regional ministries of the government that people have got positive results as quickly as possible, he added.

Putin last week accepted the resignation at own will the head of Transbaikalia Natalia. and appointed former first Deputy Minister of the Russian Federation for Far East development and member of the Board of Directors of JSC «RusHydro» Alexander Osipov, acting head of the edge.