The construction of a large refinery in Yakutia profitable, says expert

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The construction of a large refinery (refinery) in Yakutia is unprofitable because of the climate and will take about five years, the production of fuel for mini-refineries are very expensive to import it from other regions cheaper, commented to RIA Novosti General Director of «InfoTEK-Terminal» Rustam Tankan.

The head of Yakutia Aisen Nikolaev earlier on Sunday, reported RIA Novosti, because of the high fuel prices on the agenda again there is the question of its own production of fuel for the needs of the Republic.

«In Yakutia is already there, in my opinion, four mini-refineries, from time to time are included and work. Why can’t they provide Yakutia fuel? Because it is very high cost, consequently the very high price of petroleum products which are obtained. Well, since this is a mini-refinery, the quality of petroleum products is quite low… Really, it would be possible now to use those mini-refineries in Yakutia, but only the price of gasoline would be such that no price increases do not, they will increase», — commented on the Tankan.

According to him, in 90-e years Russia had built quite a lot of mini-refineries. In the end, several dozen such plants in the country now stand idle because they can not compete with big industries. At the processing plant of 1 million tons of oil per year cost 50 times less than the plant with capacity of 10 thousand tons of oil a year, said the expert.

If we talk about the construction of a large refinery, as told Tankan, Yakutia — is not the best place for this, because it is very cold, respectively, and the energy consumption is quite high.

«To build a refinery there is unprofitable, or would have built, because when you have to carry gasoline for the four thousand kilometers, then, of course, transportation costs are very high and, apparently, alternative Angresano plant, which mainly supplies Yakutia, would have to be somewhere near the city of Yakutsk. But it did not happen on the climatic conditions… In principle it is possible to build a refinery, it will take about five years. What happens from the point of view of cost — hard to say. So far, all attempts to provide Yakutia fuel of own production was over quickly and ended with the fact that the Angarsk plant due to its cost beat all competitors», — concluded the Tankan.