The Moscow metro has expressed regret after the incident with Vasilyeva

© RIA Novosti / Ekaterina Chesnokovskaya Tatiana Vasilieva. Archival photoThe Moscow metro has expressed regret after the incident with Vasilyeva© RIA Novosti / Ekaterina Chesnokova

The Moscow metro have expressed after the incident with the actress Tatyana Vasilyeva regret and hope that the incident will not affect the health of the actress, and urged to observe the rules of use of the underground. This review was given to RIA Novosti by the press service of the Moscow subway.

Vasilyev previously said in Instagram that on Saturday morning she caught the head doors of a Moscow metro train when she tried to enter the car, and showed traces of bruising on the temples. According to the actress, the driver did not warn passengers that the doors of the car closed. Son Vasilyeva said in Instagram that she is in the Sklifosovsky research Institute and is awaiting treatments CT (computed tomography) and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging).

«We are very sorry that this situation happened. On Saturday morning one of the passengers tried to go in the car with the flashing of the red signal prohibits. Unfortunately, the passenger «hit» by the doors. Our staff offered to call an ambulance to make sure that health is not in danger, but the passenger refused. Very sorry about this and hope that this episode will not affect the health of passengers», — stated in the message.

The metro also urged passengers to comply with the rules of use of the subway.

«After the announcement «Caution, the doors are closing.» and at the flashing red signal lights embarkation and disembarkation is forbidden», — said the Metropolitan.