Wolin: Russia plans to develop a programme of mediacommunication with China by 2019

© RIA Novosti / host photo to againstamerica in fotobelka Wolin. Archival photoWolin: Russia plans to develop a programme of mediacommunication with China by 2019© RIA Novosti / host photo to agentstvami the image Bank

Russia hopes to develop a program of digital cooperation with China in the field of media by the summer of 2019, it will include up to 20 destinations, said Sunday the Deputy Ministry for digital development, communications and mass communications of Russia Alexei Volin on the sidelines of the IV Russian-Chinese forum.

«Today there was an initiative on the development of Russian-Chinese program of cooperation in digital media, our Chinese partners have already figured that this can be up to 20 areas of cooperation, we hope to the summer of 2019 this program develop,» — said Wolin.

According to him, «there will be over 100 joint events, we believe that this program can be no less motor than were the years of the Russian-Chinese media.»

Speaking about the main directions of cooperation in the framework of the new programme, it allocated «the holding of joint forums, meetings of representatives of online platforms, consultations and presentations to each other of the developed content for distribution in a digital environment, media literacy, production of technological equipment and software for online services, consultation and collaboration between television, radio and other traditional media, which operate in the digital sphere.»

He added that the program also involves working with the youth audience, «because we see that today’s youth is not only in a different environment media consumption, but it has other formats of media consumption, much of what suits the older generation, absolutely not satisfied with today’s youth, in terms of information perception of the surrounding world, besides the issues related to the education and training of media experts».

In turn, the Deputy Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Maxim Akimov told reporters that the program «is aimed at a joint search of responses to the new media agenda, which was primarily due to the technological gap and, if anything, a technological breakthrough in the field, which sets the digitalization».

«This is a new ways of content delivery, is the access of all to all, this is a global mobile connectivity, is an interactive media that is in constant dialogue with the consumer of media content, and, of course, development of joint products and technological platforms, and new ways of content delivery, this is all about, and from my point of view, should be the content of this program,» — said Akimov.

He stressed that «the participants of the program — not the state, it is very important to be direct and bilateral contacts between the producers of content, between the technical experts and the Russian and Chinese side.»