Wolin told about directions of cooperation of Russia and China in the field of media

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in fotobelka Wolin. Archival photoWolin told about directions of cooperation of Russia and China in the field of media© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the image Bank

Russia and China, while in terms of when the media of both countries are faced with unfair competition, must be willing to work out reciprocal steps and to create new channels of distribution of media content, said Sunday the Deputy Ministry for digital development, communications and mass communications of Russia Alexei Volin on the sidelines of the IV Russian-Chinese forum.

«The forum showed that Russia and China are, probably, two directions of cooperation in the media sphere. The first direction is a response to arising challenges, and the second is the overall economic interests», — said the Deputy Minister.

According to him, «if we talk about challenges on the forum, it was noted that Russian and Chinese media today, becoming influential players on the global media market, inevitably began to face unfair competition which is reflected, in particular, that or the veracity of the policies they are pursuing, questioned, or there are direct restrictions on the dissemination of information».

«It is clear that in this situation, both Russia and China need to develop common approaches, and not limited only to verbal talk about how poor we are and how we are badly hurt, but also to develop reciprocal steps aimed not at discrimination, media from neighbouring countries, and to the opportunity to convey their point of view and its contents to other areas, to other people,» — said Wolin.

He noted that «here plays a very important role and means of dissemination, and as a technology platform and environment in which information is disseminated».

«Because if Twitter, YouTube or Facebook will go the way of discarding the Russian and Chinese media from its environment, then we will have no choice but to create new channels of distribution, how to think about alternative social networks and messengers. Although we very much hope that this matter will not come, but we must be ready,» — said Wolin.