In Almaty are investigating the death of a famous stuntman in a nightclub

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Police are investigating the death of famous Kazakhstani stunt Kasim Yumaguzina after performing in one of night clubs of Almaty on the occasion of Halloween, reported the press service of the city police.

A number of Kazakh media with reference to the communications Manager of a group of professional stuntmen Stunts Nomad Eugene Lee reported that the cause of death Yumaguzina was a heart attack. In the night from Saturday to Sunday stuntman participated in the show program in one of the bars Alma-ATA, where he played the role of a mummy hanging from the ceiling. Thus, according to her, such a suspension system is not just used in the filming, and the noose draped around his neck Yumaguzina, was a sham. The stuntman had a partner, who watched over the execution of the trick. After the completion of the show program Yumaguzhin feel bad.

«The investigative Department of the police of Medeu district of Almaty is currently investigating the death of a citizen Yumaguzina K., born in 1984, took place in night club «TSB» — said in a press release police.

In the pre-trial investigation appointed forensic medical examination to establish the exact cause of death. In addition, currently, the complex of investigative and operational activities, the results of which will be set more detailed circumstances of the incident, and will take a final procedural decision.

The stuntman was 34 Yumaguzhin participated in the filming of the movie «Racketeer», «the Apocalypse Code», «the Sword of Makhambet», «wolfhound of the Grey dogs», «Day watch», «Nomad», and many others.