In Iran, the Central Bank said that provided alternatives to SWIFT, told the media

© RIA Novosti / Anton to Bestrowpseudo in fotobanka Azadi in Tehran. Archival photoIn Iran, the Central Bank said that provided alternatives to SWIFT, told the media© RIA Novosti / Anton to Bestrowpseudo the image Bank

The head of the Central Bank of Iran, Abdolnaser, Hemmati said that the Bank has provided an alternative system that can replace the international interbank SWIFT system, according to Iranian news Agency IRIB.

Previously, SWIFT was informed that suspends the access of some Iranian banks to the data exchange system. The company emphasized that its «mission is still to be a neutral global provider» of services. SWIFT — international interbank transfer system information and make payments. The co-founders of the system are 248 banks from 19 countries.

«Had taken the necessary measures for the precise regulation of resources and the exchange costs and currency reserves of the country (Iran — ed.) was increased to the desired level. In addition, given the possibility of interruption of the services of SWIFT, the Central Bank had provided an alternative system to the banking interaction with trading partners,» said, Hemmati.

According to him, at the moment Iran is negotiating with trading partners on measures for further cooperation.

«Announced sanctions had already been predicted by the Central Bank, therefore, was planned various measures in this case, even for things beyond the scope of these sanctions,» he added, Hemmati.

The fifth of November came into force the sanctions against Iran. Sanctions would cover oil exports. Washington has previously said it aims to bring Iranian oil exports down to zero and urged its customers to abandon the purchase. On Monday, the Finance Ministry said that the US is making in the sanctions list of more than 700 individuals, organizations, aircraft and ships to Iran.