In Omsk area the man accidentally shot a friend while hunting on goats

© Depositphotos / TylinekОхотничье gun. Archival photoIn Omsk area the man accidentally shot a friend while hunting on goats© Depositphotos / Tylinek

Hunter in the Omsk region accidentally shot a friend – the Director of road construction company who was riding on a snowmobile, said on Monday investigatory management SK the Russian Federation across the region.

«According to investigators, November 3, at 1.5 kilometers from the village Makushinski tyukalinsk district of Omsk region while hunting for goats sitting in ambush suspect, did not expect the emergence of other hunters agreed with the opposite hand, fired two shots in the direction of the sound and the shadow, believing that it was a goat, which the other hunters were on a snowmobile for him to kick,» — said in management.

In the end, according to the Agency, was fatally wounded and died on the spot while riding a snowmobile 65-year-old Director of a road construction company. And he was riding a snowmobile with his son shooter men, the son of the shooter was not injured. Set all the circumstances of the incident.

Insurance investigators initiated against 60-year-old resident of the Tyumen region criminal case under article of the criminal code «causing death by negligence», the maximum penalty for which is up to two years of imprisonment.