In Volgograd the health care provider lives in an apartment with a wolf

© page «real_gray_wolf» InstagramИван Lebedev with a cub, which he took from the farmers in the Astrakhan regionIn Volgograd the health care provider lives in an apartment with a wolf© page «real_gray_wolf» in Instagram

Paramedic neuropsychiatric Department of a nursing home Ivan Lebedev six months ago moved to Volgograd from Astrakhan with two Terriers and a real wolf cub, who now lives with them in a Studio apartment.

According to Lebedev, the wolf was much smarter than dogs, gray is able to open the Windows and turn on the light. Wolf he offered to take farmers from the Astrakhan region, are found close to the village of wolf’s den. The wolf ran out of the hole, leaving the cubs.

«A year and a half ago, I was in Volgograd in competition with their dogs, I have two German hunting Terrier – with papers, diplomas. I do it professionally. Call the farmers and talk about the cubs, I said I’ll take two. When I arrived, took that went up, he even wagged its tail. And the second took the companion, however, the cub had escaped, began to steal chickens and geese, sheep, and shot him. And this, it turns out, I’m saved,» — said RIA Novosti Lebedev.

The fact that the wolf was not afraid of man, a rarity and deviation standards, said Lebedev. That’s why he decided to take it with me to engage in breeding work.

«In Perm, where deduced volkosobs which is now on the border are. I then still lived in Astrakhan, brought the cub back to his apartment. And in February of 2018 moved to Volgograd, because my daughter enrolled in the local University. And moved: me, daughter, two dogs and a wolf. All live together in a Studio apartment,» — said Lebedev.

According to the breeder, wolf vaccinated, is registered in the city vetstantsii, he has a passport. For all time, yet the beast lives in the city, Lebedev complained three times, and it wasn’t the neighbors, and random passers-by, but after checking police officer no claims to it had not.

«I walk with him for three hours in the afternoon and evening every day. He will walk up and sleeping, I work in a nursing home. I nurse in a mental ward. And on the weekends 10 hours a day spent in town. If so much not to walk, the cub will smeetsja in the apartment. Actually, I want to buy land and settle there with the cub. He and I will be so comfortable. While looking for a suitable site,» added Lebedev.

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