Simonyan discussed with Putin the question of returning of compatriots

© RIA Novoshchepniy the editor of the news Agency Russia today RT TV channel Margarita Simonyan. Archival photoSimonyan discussed with Putin the question of returning of compatriots© RIA Novosti

Chief editor MIA «Russia today» and RT Margarita Simonyan said that on several occasions discussed with Vladimir Putin the question of the return of compatriots to Russia and the President concerned about this subject.

According to her, the issue was raised several times in closed meetings. She noted that he had cited the example of the situation, in 2001, Russia gave citizenship to Abkhazians.

«I gave another example. I said, «give me one good reason why Russia hesitate to return to the Russians?»… It was evident that he, too, — I cannot, unfortunately, quote, — but I will say that he is very concerned about this topic, of course,» said Simonyan in an interview to the program «Moscow, the Kremlin, Putin with Vladimir Solovyov» on «Russia 1».

She added that she was delighted with the signing by the President of the migration policy concept.

Simonyan said that the situation with the return of compatriots in Russia it faced when the war in the Donbass.

«I had a nanny from the Donbas, and there she remained there the whole family, people who are innocent. I helped to drag down here, and with all of your friends, contacts, adminresurs still are unable to make them citizenship. Somehow some documents they were corrected and verified through the hell and humiliation are these people», she added.