The court of Brussels ordered the Belgian monarch to take a paternity test

© AFP 2018 / Laurie DieffembacqКороль of Belgium albert the Second. Archival photoThe court of Brussels ordered the Belgian monarch to take a paternity test© AFP 2018 / Laurie Dieffembacq

The court of appeal of Brussels on Monday ruled that the monarch albert II in the course of three months must pass a test to establish paternity at the request of his alleged illegitimate daughter Delphine, much needed.

«The monarch must pass the test within three months. The court found that the legal father of Mrs. Jacques, the much needed the much needed is not her biological father,» — said the Agency interlocutor in the press service of the court.

Meanwhile, according to RIA Novosti source in the law case of Brussels, albert II is entitled to refuse to undergo a paternity test.

In the case of the establishment of kinship, the much needed will be able to claim the title of Princess and all the benefits members of the Royal family.

The constitutional court of Belgium in February of 2016 decided that the alleged illegitimate daughter of albert II, who handed the throne to his eldest son, Prince Philip, has the right to establish paternity. So far, these attempts have been unsuccessful for much needed.

In November 2014, the court of first instance of Brussels, delegated to the Constitutional court of Belgium, judgement on the legality of the requirements of Dolphins, the much needed paternity. The highest court had to decide whether it is to conduct a DNA test for official recognition of its illegitimate daughter of 83-year-old monarch.

The trial was started by the Dolphins, much needed in June 2013, when albert the Second, as acting head of state enjoyed complete immunity. After the abdication in favour of his eldest son Philip, he retained the title of king, but lost their legal immunity.

The Dolphins, much needed mother, Baroness Sybille de Celis Longham, long concealed from her daughter who her father is. Only at the age of 18 years, Dolphin has learned from her mother that she’s the illegitimate daughter of the monarch. Connection the then Prince albert and Baroness lasted 16 years, however, is already becoming a king, a Dolphin, he did not recognize. Legally, her father is a former husband of the Baroness hereditary industrialist Jacques, much needed, who long ago divorced his wife and, according to media reports, ruled out the Dolphin out of his will.