The United States and South Korea resumed joint military exercises

© AP Photo / Ahn Young-eopsaltria military exercises in South Korea and the United States. Archival photoThe United States and South Korea resumed joint military exercises© AP Photo / Ahn Young-joon

The United States and South Korea resumed on Monday, the joint military exercises, which abstained last six months for the development of dialogue with the DPRK and to promote denuclearization, told RIA Novosti by phone, the press service of the South Korean defense Ministry.

We are talking about the teachings of the marine corps «KEYMAP» (ROK-U. S. Korean Marine Exchange Program — KMEP), which, according to the Agency, will take place during two weeks in the waters off the coast of the South Korean province of Gyeongsangbuk-Do.

«These exercises are aimed at checking the combat readiness of the marine corps of the two countries on an annual basis,» the Ministry noted. To comment on the possible reaction of the DPRK the Agency refused.

The Ministry of defence does not disclose neither the number of participants, no data on the active arms of the two countries.

However, as reported the local Yonhap news Agency, the exercise was planned to involve military amphibious vehicles and about 500 troops.

Earlier exercises «KEYMAP» was planned to be held in 2018 fiscal year (October 2017 — September 2018), but they were postponed due to the promise given to Pyongyang to normalize the dialogue on denuclearization.

Earlier, North Korea react badly to exercises, U.S. and South Korea, considering them as a manifestation of hostility and war rehearsal against the North. During the three summits of the DPRK and South Korea and a meeting of US President Donald trump with the North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN in Singapore, agreement was reached on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and the development of relations with Pyongyang.