Trump has accused Riyadh in tampering with American weapons

© AP Photo / Andrew Naked USA Donald trumpTrump has accused Riyadh in tampering with American weapons© AP Photo / Andrew Harnik

The President of the United States Donald trump in an interview with Axios accused Saudi Arabia inept use of American weapons in Yemen.

He called a terrible incident when the Arab coalition in August launched an air strike on bus carrying children in Yemen.

«It’s terrible what happened to the bus with the children in Yemen… does it worry me? It’s not strong enough an expression (what I feel). It’s the people who just don’t know how to handle weapons,» said trump.

«We are very closely monitoring the situation in Yemen. This is the worst place on earth right now… I’ll talk with Saudi Arabia. And I wouldn’t want weapons used by the people who have these weapons to use not know how,» he replied to the question, can the United States stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia.

With the outbreak of hostilities in Yemen in 2015, and intervention in the conflict the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia Oman has tried to play the role of mediator between the conflicting parties, aiming to convince the coalition to stop the strike on Yemen. Oman hosted several rounds of inter-Yemeni negotiations, which brought no success.

Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia on 9 August airstrike on a bus in the area of Dahyan in the province of saada in Northern Yemen. Dozens of civilian casualties reported by the authorities of the rebel Houthis and the international Committee of the red cross (ICRC). According to the ICRC, in an attack killed 50 people, most of whom are children.