About 20 polar bears with cubs «surrounded» the village in the Chukotka

© Photo : Tatiana Minisculely bear. Archive photoAbout 20 polar bears with cubs «surrounded» the village in the Chukotka© Photo : Tatyana Minenko

A group of white bears with cubs roaming around national village of ryrkaypiy in Chukotka in anticipation of ice and sometimes out of curiosity comes into town, told RIA Novosti authorized the head of the village administration Eugene Malakhov.

«Now the village marked accumulation of polar bears is both adults and young. Through our village runs the migration path of the bears. They are waiting for will come or will stand the ice. Polar bears, if they come to the village, then due to curiosity. Group «Bear patrol» leaves and discourages them from noise devices,» — said the interviewee.

According to her, due to climate change now the ice cover is installed later. From one year to the date of the formation of ice field varies, last year the bears also at this time, wandering near the village.

As told RIA Novosti the head of the «Bear patrol» in the village of ryrkaypiy Tatyana Minenko, now marked by the village about 20 of these predators. «Last year the bears were in the area waiting for the ice, then make it smaller», she said.

Besides the fact that bears are deterred from the settlement, they will have a feed point, so that they are not close to housing.

«Clean the coast from walrus carcasses that remain on the rookeries. We agree with the administration, with the military, with the civilian population, collect carcasses of dead walruses and organize multiple feed points, the bears back away. One of the points about a kilometer away from the village, so it is easier to look after these predators,» said Minenko.

She noted that bears are waiting when you go slush, ice. At this time they feed on animals, including dead on the shore. When the ice field is established, the animals with confidence go into the sea and extract seals.

Rural settlement ryrkaypiy Iultinsky district is located on the shores of the Arctic ocean, near the urban settlement of Mys Shmidta. Translated from the Chukchi language «Ryrkaypiy» means «constipated walrus», or «an area of land, extending far into the sea and stopped the way the walrus», because of the large number of walruses nearby rookery off the coast of the Chukchi sea.