In India planning to clear the air with the help of artificially induced rain

© RIA Novosti / Insaf BusinessLog in new Delhi, India. Archival photoIn India planning to clear the air with the help of artificially induced rain© RIA Novosti / Insaf of Basirov

Indian capital may become the first city where the authorities would use technology artificially caused rains to clean the air, said Monday the Secretary of the Central management to control pollution Prashant, Gargavi.

«Artificial rains can be a solution to the problem of air pollution. We are carefully studying this possibility, together with the Meteorological Department of India and the Indian Institute of technology (IIT),» he said Hargave the newspaper the Economic Times. According to him, the authorities plan to start this operation after November 10. This involves aircraft that will dispel the clouds of particular substances that cause precipitation.

«We, for our part, are ready to cause artificial rain, but first we must wait for favorable conditions — cloud formation and wind. To 10 November, it is unlikely,» — said the publication of Professor IIT Sachida NAND Tripathi. «We are closely monitoring the situation,» — said the expert.

As reported RIA Novosti in the Delhi office for pollution control, on Monday, the concentrations of fine particulate matter (called PM 2.5 with diameter of 2.5 micrometer) in the Metropolitan area reached $ 644 microns. It is more than 25 times the safe human health average rate, which, as established earlier, the world health organization (who), is 25 microns.

Experts link a sharp jump in air pollution from reaching the smoke from the fires in the rural lands of the States of Haryana and Punjab, where farmers traditionally in the fall to burn the stubble after harvest. Every year during this period, the residents of the Indian capital, whose population exceeds 16 million people, suffer from poor air quality and cause smog diseases. In addition, on 7 November in new Delhi will be celebrated the «festival of lights» Diwali, during which people are actively blowing up fireworks and firecrackers. It is expected that after that the situation with air pollution will worsen even more.

Many citizens suffer from asthma and other lung diseases, which are aggravated in the autumn. Periodically when air pollution rises to peak values, the authorities decide on the suspension of classes in schools and universities, impose temporary bans on construction work and use of private transport within the city. Despite this, according to who statistics, every year in India from a poisonous smog die a million man, and new Delhi continues to maintain its status as the city with the worst environment in the world.