In Murmansk suspended the search for the missing in the flooding of the dock

© RIA Novosti / Pavel to Loveparade in fotobanka Admiral Kuznetsov at the pier 35-th Shiprepair plant . Archival photoIn Murmansk suspended the search for the missing in the flooding of the dock© RIA Novosti / Pavel to Lovparade the image Bank

The search for a replacement mechanic floating dock, which sank in Kola Bay a week ago, temporarily suspended; as suggested by the divers, his body may be inside the dock, where the search at this time, reported RIA Novosti the Chairman of the Committee on security of the population of Murmansk region Vladimir Gusev.

On the night of October 30, when the contractor 82nd ship repair plant — operations for launching heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser «Admiral Kuznetsov» emergency situation: have been a part-filled tank of the floating dock PD-50, and he suddenly went under water. In addition, the fallen crane dock has damaged part of the deck of an aircraft carrier. The incident occurred in the village of Roslyakovo in Murmansk. The sunken dock area is 23 thousand square meters, which is comparable to the size of red square in Moscow.

According to Gusev, the divers control search and rescue operations of the Northern fleet, while stopped work in the area of the sinking of the dock.

«Missing not detected. Perhaps he is inside the dock. But there to carry out the search operation is impossible — there will not go the divers. This will only be possible after lifting. The rest of the area was tested several times — all the possible backwaters, bays, where he could take over,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

He also noted that while search operations conducted by employees of the 82nd plant directly within the territory of the enterprise. «After the seven days of the survey area, establishing the possible location of the victim, examination the Doc decided to suspend the search operation to clarify objectives,» — said Gusev.

During the entire time since the flooding of the dock divers were inspecting it from the outside, was also used underwater drones. The results of the inspection will be transferred to the interdepartmental Commission, which works on the 82nd ship-repair plant, and it will decide on the possible lifting of the dock.

Earlier Tuesday, the regional health Ministry said that one of the victims who immediately after the emergency was in a critical condition and regained consciousness, but remains on the ventilator.