In the Federation Council commented on the new rules for users of instant messengers

© Depositphotos / ulyana_andreevaЛоготипы messengers. Archival photoIn the Federation Council commented on the new rules for users of instant messengers© Depositphotos / ulyana_andreeva

The new rules identify users messenger not violate the constitutional rights of citizens and, on the contrary, enhance their protection against cybercrime and illegal actions on the Internet, said RIA Novosti Deputy Chairman of the Committee of the Federation Council on constitutional legislation Alexander Bashkin.

The Russian government on Tuesday approved rules for the identification of users of instant messengers by phone number, evidenced by published resolution of the Cabinet.

«This measure is necessary, and it is not the invention of Russia, and the practice adopted in most countries, using the Internet and instant messengers,» said Bashkin.

According to him, the introduction of new rules does not violate the constitutional rights of citizens. «The privacy of correspondence, that is, the contents of chats in instant messengers, will continue to be protected by the Constitution,» said the Senator. In addition, according to him, the prohibition of anonymity in the messengers will increase the safety of network users and «greatly complicate» the use of messengers in destructive purposes.

The Chairman of the Committee said that the Federation Council will monitor the application of new registration rules in the messengers and, if necessary, will be able to make changes to the legislation, if the situation so requires.

Under the approved regulations, with the identification of the user, the messenger will send the operator an email request about the availability of the subscriber number. The operator in turn must provide information to the service within 20 minutes of receipt of the request. In the absence of the operator or of failure to receive a response from the operator user authentication is considered not passed. In such cases, the messenger refuses to provide service to the user.

In the presence of information about the number of operators will include in its database information about which applications are rewritten to their clients and a unique user identification code that it was given the messenger. In the event of termination of the contract between the operator and the subscriber, passing the identification procedure, or change subscriber information, the operator in one day notify messenger. Service, in turn, is obliged to conduct a repeated identification.