In the United States asked voters to be careful when reading news about the elections

© RIA Novosti / Alexey Bertiniani in the United States. Archival photoIn the United States asked voters to be careful when reading news about the elections© RIA Novosti / Alexei Berezin

US intelligence agencies on the eve of the midterm elections give voters two simple recommendations to secure elections from external influence: use the information from the source and to be careful when reading the news — should be common on Tuesday the statement of the heads of the FBI, the DOJ, national intelligence and homeland security of the United States.

«The voters can take some simple steps to help safeguard our elections, including: to get information about the election directly from the source,… to be careful when consuming or sharing information related to the elections», — the document says.

The signatories assure American citizens that their agencies spent an unprecedented effort to protect the election.

Earlier the Minister of internal security, Kirsten Nielsen announced the creation of a centre for the collection and analysis of information about the infrastructure of the vote, which was joined by all 50 States and 1,000 local units. In the days of the elections this center will operate and monitor the operation of the system. To identify potential threats designed special software that is embedded in a system that «protects» the will of more than 90% of registered voters. In addition, the representatives of the States have received special training.

In the elections on November 6 will be played 435 seats in the house of representatives and 35 seats in the Senate.