Norwegians have become a victim of manipulation of power, said the Russian Embassy

© Fotolia / kvitkafabianОсло. Archival photoNorwegians have become a victim of manipulation of power, said the Russian Embassy© Fotolia / kvitkafabian

The Norwegian people became a victim of the manipulations of power structures, said the Russian Embassy in Oslo, commenting on the situation with Russian citizen Mikhail Bochkarev, who earlier was detained in Oslo, charged with espionage.

Norwegian intelligence September 21, detained the employee of the device of the Federation Council Mikhail Bochkarev, who participated in the seminar in Oslo. He was charged with espionage. The speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko called such actions a provocation. Later Bochkarev was released from custody and returned home.

«I sympathize with the friendly Norwegian people — he again became the victim of the manipulations of power structures, tame «independent» experts and «free» media to their pile of «ethical standards». The latter has to bear special responsibility for the whole month they savored the details, «Affairs», published an unaudited version and the «leak», came up with «horror stories» about what the Russian government is spying on Norwegians, «even in Parliament» and curse our country, forgetting about its main functions is to objectively inform the public. After the failure of another anti-Russian venture they, «as the team» silent», — is spoken in the message published on the page of the Russian Embassy in Facebook.

The Embassy drew attention to the absurdity of the situation. «To invite a specialist in «citadel of democracy the Norwegian» Storting (the Norwegian Parliament — ed.) which by definition should be the standard of openness, and then to arrest — in fact, just for being in Parliament. What’s that? A new form of Norwegian hospitality — to invite, to provoke the arrest? Or is it an application for the Nobel prize in a new category of invention from the field of Norwegian democracy? Who then would respond to such an invitation? If you do not want and do not know how to accept Russian delegates — they to you will not come», — said in a statement.