Russian certification center excluded from the world Council of Halal

© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Bogodeeva in photobacteria Halal supermarket in KazanRussian certification center excluded from the world Council of Halal© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Bogodeeva the image Bank

One of the Russian certification of Halal products denied membership in the international Council «Halal», said RIA Novosti in the Council of Muftis of Russia (SMR).

According to the head of the Russian center for standardization of «Halal» in CMP Aydar Gazizov, we are talking about the certification centre of the Republic of Tatarstan headed by Dinar Sadykov. Its licence suspended for three years.

«In connection with loss of trust he is removed from office of the assistant Treasurer of this Council», — said Gazizov.

He said that the certification center issued permits for Russian producers, which including produced the products for Muslims.

«There are cases when several enterprises produced products labeled «Halal», but in fact they were pork, which is strictly prohibited. Obviously, no control by the certification center under the leadership of Mr Sadykov was not» — said the representative of the CMP.

The representative of the CMP said that devoid of accreditation, the centre illegally used the logo of the Organization of Islamic cooperation (OIC), the Islamic chamber of Commerce and other organizations when you promote your company in the market of certification services, declaring himself the representative of these organizations, without having a reason.

«The decision by the representative of Russia was quite democratic – by a General vote of the world Council «Halal», — said Gazizov.

World Council «Halal» (Word Halal Council, WHC), the international Federation of Halal certification authorities, which was founded in 1999 in Jakarta (Indonesia) and brings together similar organizations for control of Europe, the Middle East, the rest of Asia, Africa, Australia, USA and Canada.

The main task WHC – consolidation of certification bodies in the field of products and services «Halal» from different countries around the world, as well as the coordination of their actions on the basis of a single standard. The conference took place within five sessions, devoted to actual problems of development of the global Halal sector.