Ryazan oblast can offer China cooperation in various fields

© RIA Novosti / Igor Podgornyy in photobacteria area. Archival photoRyazan oblast can offer China cooperation in various fields© RIA Novosti / Igor Podgornaia the image Bank

Ryazan oblast is interested in investors from China and could offer China cooperation in various fields, said Tuesday the Governor Nikolai Lyubimov, speaking at the plenary session of the first China international fair of imported goods «China International Import Expo 2018».

The forum involved more than half of the Russian regions and several foreign countries. The delegation of the Ryazan region is headed by a Governor. In the delegation – the heads of several ministries, enterprises of industry, processing industry, organizations in the social sphere.

Tuesday Lyubimov took part in the session, where they discussed issues of cooperation between Russia and China, and spoke on the theme of «Enhancing mutual trade of Russia and China: regional aspect». The head of the region stressed that relations between the two countries at the regional level should be based not only on economic and trade platform, but also on strengthening direct contacts between the administrations of territorial entities of the Russian Federation and China, on the development of the existing ties in the social sphere.

«Any economic or investment project will have much greater success if there is trust between people. Only then we can truly be partners,» – said Lyubimov.

He noted that cultural and educational exchange, as well as knowledge of national peculiarities of the two countries can and should be applied in building partnerships in the economic and social spheres, is another effective tool in supporting global integration processes.

According to Lyubimov, turnover of Ryazan region and China in 2017 increased 5.5 times and amounted to 684 million dollars. The export is 82%, import – 18%. The bulk of exports are high-tech products (radio equipment), bituminous mixtures, roofing materials, automotive sound insulation. The region is imported from China products of electronic industry, industrial equipment, office supplies, plastic products.

«I think one of the main tasks is to ensure that the indicators 2017 were at least the norm. In my opinion, is quite achievable – Ryazan region has something to offer to Chinese partners,» – said the Governor.

According to him, one of the most promising of those appears to be the delivery to China of high-quality food in Ryazan production of flour, cereals, bakery products, chocolate and chocolate products, deep frozen, meat products and sausages.

«We are very interested in coming to the region for investors from China as a long-term strategic partners,» – said Lyubimov.

He briefed the Chinese side on the most promising regional projects. Among them, the reconstruction of the airport «Protasovo» worth $ 1 billion, establishment of industrial Park in Pronsky area of over 1 thousand hectares with the localization of production of goods shipped from China to Moscow and the Moscow region. Also has great prospects for the Union for the production of leather products, development of joint production end electronic and optical equipment, implementation of projects in the food industry – dairies, grains, soya beans.

«From our side we guarantee the Chinese partners of the state support in the form of regional tax incentives and subsidies provided by the legislation, and support in obtaining support measures at the Federal level. China is our strategic partner, and any initiative of the Chinese side will be promptly considered and accepted,» said the Governor.

On Tuesday, during the business program the delegation of the Ryazan region held a series of negotiations with the enterprises and companies of the Chinese side.

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