Senichev instructed to pay attention to large families

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The head EMERCOM of Russia Evgeny Senichev instructed to pay special attention to large families after the death of eight people in a fire in the Kemerovo region, the statement was made during the selector of the Ministry.

Earlier there was a fire in a private house in the Kuzbass town of Yurga. The house was rented by 42-year-old woman who is now in hospital. In a fire killed her mother, the spouse, children and grandchildren.

«I would like to pay attention to. Today in the Kemerovo region. Particular attention is paid to families with children. To organize the work through the prefects, municipal authorities or local self-government», — said Senichev.

He urged not to hesitate to come to the house and see the conditions in which people live, and what heat their homes.