SK considering three versions of a fire in the Kemerovo region, which killed six children

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The consequence considers three versions of fire in the house in the Kuzbass town of Yurga, where eight people died. This was reported RIA Novosti the regional SU IC.

Among them: short circuit, carelessness when Smoking and operation of furnaces. To determine the exact cause of the accident is appointed fire-technical examination.

Now, the fire was organized operational headquarters, which included investigators, police officers and emergency workers.

A fire in a residential building

Signal on fire received about four o’clock in the morning. In an hour the fire was out, injured one firefighter.

According to the source RIA Novosti in law enforcement, all eight of the victims — members of one family. Survived 42-the summer woman. Victims of the fire were her 72-year-old mother, 30-year-old boyfriend, three children and three grandchildren.

A criminal case under article «Causing of death on imprudence to two and more persons». The investigation finds out circumstances of the incident.

Prosecutors, in turn, said that the burnt house was rented by a local family.