Social activists asked Chaika to check the service BlaBlaCar

CC0 / DarkoStojanovic / car Driver. Archival photoSocial activists asked Chaika to check the service BlaBlaCarCC0 / DarkoStojanovic /

The national Association of passengers (OOP) is asking the attorney General to verify the service of fellow travelers for sharing a car (ridesharing) BlaBlaCar and deny him transportation to groups from eight people, the letter said the PLO to the Prosecutor General of Russia Yuri Chaika.

Before November 1 «Association aviapassazhirskie carriers» has directed to Tagansky district court the claim about a ban of activity of service of BlaBlaCar, accusing the service in aid of illegal carriers. According to the document, the carriers believe that the drivers use the service BlaBlaCar in order to avoid the payment of taxes and expenditure to ensure the safety of passengers. In addition, the plaintiffs note that the bus transportation market is a huge damage because of unprofitability.

The PLO, in turn, asked the Prosecutor General’s office only to carry out an inspection of the service, prohibit they carry more than eight passengers and give the regions in order to conduct raids against the carriers who book the bus trip through this application, noting that the mere use BlaBlaCar for joint travel on passenger transport issues is not, as this feature useful to a large number of passengers to preserve the mobility and economy.

«We ask you to consider the possibility of inspection in respect of LLC «Comuto Rus» (legal entity of the service in the Russian Federation — ed.) in part of the ban on the carriage of passengers with more than 8 members, as a violation of the rules of carriage of passengers and passing the necessary examinations, no tachograph, which directly affects the safety of passengers. Currently, passengers are misleading, divulging information on the legality of the shipment, but in fact such transportation is illegal,» reads the letter.

Also, the PLO said that initially carry more than 8 passengers not included in the scope of interests of the company, whereas in Russia, the service is currently being used for loading buses, when a person books a trip to the nearby town for passenger transport, which violates the right to reliable information, and in fact rides on the bus. Ride this bus often unsafe, believe public figures.