The head of Apsheronsky area of Kuban suffered from the flood, resigned

© Photo : administration of Apsheronsky district, the Head of the Absheron district of Krasnodar region Roman Herman. Archive photoThe head of Apsheronsky area of Kuban suffered from the flood, resigned© Photo : administration of Absheron district

The head of Apsheronsky area of Kuban Roman Herman resigned on the recommendation of the Governor of the region Veniamin Kondratiev due to poor organization of work during recent flooding, have informed in regional administration.

«Roman Herman wrote a statement on early resignation at own will. The Board of deputies supported his decision,» — said the press service.

The new head of the district will determine the results of the competition, which will take place on 9 January. While his responsibilities will be to perform Deputy Herman Andrew Klimenko.

Monday’s SUCK for the Krasnodar territory opened a criminal case of negligence against officials of Absheron district of Krasnodar region, where due to the floods killed people. According to the investigation, representatives of the district administration knew about the risk of emergency, but did not take the necessary measures and «has not performed fully its responsibilities for timely and proper notification to residents.»

Due to heavy rains last week in the Tuapse and Apsheron districts, as well as in Sochi, there was a flood. Six people were killed, the fate of two remains unknown. Victims found about 2.5 thousand houses in which live more than 6,5 thousand people. The authorities began to pay compensation.

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