The organizers of the regatta in Noumea told about the incident with the boat flipping

© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Timepiece in fotomasterskie participants of the 28th regatta Gelendzhik in Gelendzhik BayThe organizers of the regatta in Noumea told about the incident with the boat flipping© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Timepiece the image Bank

Turning over boats in the regatta is a full-time situation, athletes are taught how to deal with it, so no need to get panic because of the incident in Gelendzhik, said to RIA Novosti, one of the organizers of this regatta Alexey Astashin.

On Monday, the emergencies Ministry said that the regatta due to strong winds ten yachts took from shore, athletes had to return the patrol boats. In the end, all participants of the regatta were on the beach. Southern investigatory management on transport SK the Russian Federation reported that the number of ships turned upside down, and medical assistance to several people. At the hospital, RIA Novosti reported that at the moment they are with hypothermia three teenagers, their life threatens nothing.

«Please stop the hysteria and panic that has unfolded… flipping the boat is absolutely regular situation sailing… especially Athletes conduct theoretical and practical classes… what is happening now, it’s real fake news. Noise information, it is absolutely harmful… If you read the comments of the parents, they thank that the sport of sailing… from their children mushy did normal girls and boys,» said Astashin, who is the acting Director of the Olympic training Center in Krasnodar region for water sports.

He noted that in a few minutes the waves rose to a height of 2-2,5 meters. «The fleet lay. But then he stood up, finished the part of the riders… All the coaches blocked the exit to the sea», — said Astelin. He noted that at the time of the competition in the Bay there were about 80 boats of the software, which controlled the situation, the participants were in wetsuits and lifejackets, and the sea temperature was around 20 degrees Celsius, people were swimming in the sea.

According to local media, Gelendzhik regatta has been held for the 28th time and is the most popular in Russia, took part in the competition, more than 650 athletes from across the country and from Belarus.