The Prosecutor’s office will check the information about the removal of whales from the Bay in Primorye

© Igor’s Chevrolati. Archival photoThe Prosecutor’s office will check the information about the removal of whales from the Bay in Primorye© Igor UCWEB

Vladivostok environmental Prosecutor’s office checks the information about the possible export of orcas and Beluga whales of the Bay Average in Primorye, told RIA Novosti acting Vladivostok Interdistrict environmental Prosecutor Zarina sohieva.

Earlier, Greenpeace Russia, RIA Novosti reported that illegal sale in China 13 endangered orcas prepares in Russia, over the last five years there were already taken out 15 of these marine mammals. In RPN issuing permits for the export abroad of rare animals, said that studying the problem together with the FSB Border service.

In Vladivostok the environmental Prosecutor’s office had previously announced that it has begun testing and upkeep in the Bay Average in Primorye, endangered killer whales and belugas. According to prosecutors, there in cages and there are 11 of killer whales and dozens of Beluga whales.

On Monday, news Agency Primamedia reported that in the Middle Bay, where the animals, the whales move from one reservoir to another, probably, preparing them for transport. Media published photos and video from the event.

«We are checking, check all the facts,» he said.

Last week it was also reported that seaside animal rights activist Nina Zyryanova called the police due to the fact that the unknown prevented her to take a picture of the Middle Bay, which contains endangered orcas and belugas, taking a memory card with photos.

Commercial harvesting of whales has been prohibited since 1982, the moratorium of the International whaling Commission. Their trapping in Russia for example solely for training and educational purposes. Thus far Eastern flesh-eating population of killer whales in 2018, listed in the red book of Kamchatka Krai.